Rebecca Taylor RTW 2012: A Practical New Yorker’s Dream

Although Rebecca Taylor may not have show-stoppers in her collection, she has stop, try on and BUY. It is nice to see drama even in ready to wear but Rebecca Taylor offers something that is beautiful as well as logical. I just so happen to be the logical type. I also happen to be a New Yorker who loves black with a passion. Many of the looks play with shades of blacks and grays, with layers and light hints of grudge, love! This is a great turn away from the usual girly 70’s theme!

Sadly the word practical gets a bad rep, but here its going to be saluted. The pieces in this collection can easily be added to any woman’s wardrobe, they seasonally make sense and most importantly beautiful and strong. Yes, strong because I can’t picture a weak, shy girl in these clothes. I can however picture a confident female from the age of 18 to 35 in these pieces. I love beautiful clothes, but I love beautiful clothes I can theoretically wear everyday, more. Now affordable is a whole other conversation… can I afford these clothes? no, not yet, but inspiration is free!

Those were my favs but to see the entire collection and fulfill your fashion desires go to:

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